Personal Training

one2one session start: £30-£60 (based on trainer level)
one2two or more sessions: £40-£80 (prices depends on trainer availability and group size)
Exercise programme from £10

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Sport & Rehab

Running gait analysis and coaching: £60
Ski Fitness intensive programme (3x per week for 2 weeks) : £300
Golf Biomechanical assessment + training session + exercise programme: £100
Injury Assessment + Rehabilitation Session + exercise programme: £75

Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage (1hr) : £50
Excellent for reducing stress,and relaxation, long flowing strokes enabling the body to heal on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Deep Tissue Massage (1hr) : £60
Focusing on more specific problem areas,this treatment helps to repair chronic knots, muscular tension and injuries. Great for pre and post sporting activities.

Thai Yoga Massage ( 1.5-2hrs) : £90
A deep full body treatment, combining acupressure,stretching and Applied Hatha yoga . Helping flexibility, posture and improved energy levels.

Pregnancy Massage (1hr) : £60
Bringing relaxation and comfort to the changing body in pregnancy, addressing tightness and tension that may occur as your posture adapts to your new shape.

Thai Compress Massage (1.5hrs) : £80
Warm herb balls are worked into muscles to relieve any stiffness and tension. The therapeutic herbs aid in removing toxins and promote deep relaxation.

Training Packages

(prices on request subject to individual requirements and location)

12-week body transformation £1400
This demanding programme is not for the faint hearted. We will overhaul your lifestyle making good nutrition and exercise a top priority in your life. If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life for an up coming event or need a major kick to get back into shape, this is the package for you. Minimum three 1hr sessions per week.

6 week lifestyle kick-start £450
If you have never exercised or just fell out of the old routine this is a great starting point as you include regular sessions in your diary. With an evaluation of your current lifestyle, nutrition and exercise history we will help you achieve a positive balance in your lifestyle and boost your fitness to get you moving in the right direction. Minimum two sessions per week.

4 week tighten and trim £320
If you are planning on hitting the beach or want to look your best for a special event this will do the trick. Targeting your areas of concern this programme has helped to give my clients the definition and confidence they wanted. Minimum two sessions per week.

Body boost Price varies on training plan duration and number of sessions
Designed to work alongside your current fitness work, this programme aims to introduce new exercises and ideas to keep you motivated and challenged. Ideal if you are training for an event or simply want to spice up your routine. Minimum one session per week.

Home coaching Starts from £10 per month
If you have the motivation to do your own training yet aren’t seeing the results, this package guides you towards your goal. Each week you will receive your training schedule via email detailing the optimal exercises to push your fitness to the next level. This package is excellent for those taking on a challenge such as marathon or new sport. Offering expert advice on the best ways to conquer your goal.

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