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Fun, effective outdoors bootcamp class for all

Ideal for you to start an exercise regime or add challenges and variety to your current routine. Our bootcamp style classes are a dynamic, fun way to get fit in the outdoors. Optimising the best fitness equipment, exercise selection, matched with expert coaching you can train safely and effectively.

Men and women are equally welcome with our trainers challenging you to improve your overall fitness, core strength and muscle tone in every class, at the level suited to each individual regardless of current fitness level.

Focused on strengthening and conditioning the body using functional and total body exercises plus a pinch of cardiovascular work, FITcamp provides a fantastic workout for beginner to advanced.

Classes are suitable for women post natal 12 weeks. Mums and dads can bring small babies and children and train without worrying about creche times and costs.

What our clients say:

“A massive thank you to FITCamp, I have never been in better shape, the classes are better than any bootcamp style class, challenging but the group and the trainers make it really fun so wouldn’t miss it.”

JT (Putney)

“I used gyms for years plus playing football but the difference I have seen since joining FITcamp has been huge.  I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking to make real changes to their body shape, this is the class. “

JB (Wimbledon)

“Paul and Tom have made post baby exercise fun, challenging and the group atmosphere is so friendly I really look forward to my FITClub sessions every week. I even trained in the snow, I never thought that would happen! Thanks FITCamp!”

SB (Putney)

Locations, Times & Prices:

(Putney Common cricket pitch, Lower Richmond Road)

(Cannizarro House Grounds)

FITcamp Time table

Monday & Thursday 0930 – 1030 ( Putney Lower Common, Cricket Pitch)
Tuesday & Friday 0615 – 0700 (Putney Lower Common, Cricket Pitch)
Wednesday & Friday 0900 – 10 (Cannizaro House Park, Wimbledon)
Saturday 0830 – 0930 (Putney Lower Common Cricket Pitch)