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Personal Training

True fitness is integral to the individual, at PCF we listen to what you want from your sessions, understand what your body needs and fit the sessions to you.

We offer a great range of training methods so you can be flexible in how, when and where you train, making the most of every session.

Our skilled trainers will motivate and inspire you to achieve more than you thought possible and overcome obstacles stopping you achieving your true potential.

PCF clients have diverse backgrounds and fitness ambitions. Ranging from movie stars, polar explorers and blue ribbon rowers to  clients looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every client is treated to the same high levels of professional care to ensure every training session is optimised, promoting your well-being at all times.

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Ideal for you to start an exercise regime or add challenges and variety to your current routine. Our bootcamp style classes are a dynamic, fun way to get fit in the outdoors. Optimising the best fitness equipment, exercise selection, matched with expert coaching you can train safely and effectively.

Men and women are equally welcome with our trainers challenging you to improve your overall fitness, core strength and muscle tone in every class, at the level suited to each individual regardless of current fitness level.

Focused on strengthening and conditioning the body using functional and total body exercises plus a pinch of cardiovascular work, FITcamp provides a fantastic workout for beginner to advanced.

Classes are suitable for women post natal 12 weeks. Mums and dads can bring small babies and children and train without worrying about creche times and costs.

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Pre-post natal

Pre-post natal

It is well established that maintaining exercise during pregnancy has significant beneficial effects for giving birth and upon your unborn baby. At PCF we aim to ensure women are given the right knowledge and direction on how to exercise during pregnancy, explain the common misconceptions and map out what physical effects pregnancy has on your body so you can manage these changes ensuring you can return to exercise post birth.

Designed to meet your individual situation our fitness sessions optimise your training time, helping you to rebuild your body or even build a new one in a safe way that allows you to manage the exciting and demanding changes of becoming a parent.

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Weight management

We take a no nonsense approach to changing your body, giving you responsibility for your actions based upon fact not fiction and helping you realise that sustained weight management revolves around long term habitual changes and regular participation in exercise.

Being over weight, eating a high alcohol, sugar and caffeine fuelled diet is killing us. Wanting to eat a healthier, more balanced diet is not crazy or a fad, we have simply lost touch with what good nutrition is and the overwhelming benefits it can have on everything we do. Try it you may like it!

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Ski Fitness

Injury rehabilitation

With all our clients we are acutely aware of the toll life has on the body and work to correct imbalances caused by poor posture, desk based lifestyles and exercise.

Whether you have, a long term niggles or serious sports injury we are able to advise you on the correct rehabilitation path to take utilising our extensive knowledge or via referral to our expert partners.

Pain in the body is not something you need to live with, our exercises based on human biomechanics and proven methodology will remove discomfort and ensure it does not come back.

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Ski Fitness

Being physically fit and conditioned is one of the key components to optimising your ski experience. Our ski fitness programme will prepare you from the ground up to withstand the bumps, jumps and slides as you shoosh down the piste.

Our system will:

  • Improve your cardio vascular fitness allowing you to ski harder
  • Strengthen your legs to control your body on the big downhills
  • Enhance your balance to avoid nasty falls
  • Increase core strength ensuring stable base from which to move
  • Increase flexibility allowing you to ski day after day.
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Golf Fitness

The golf swing is an explosive, dynamic skill and it is essential that your body be-conditioned to handle these stresses. All the worlds top golfers now follow a fitness regime, regardless of age so why should you miss out. Remaining physically fit, with good mobility and keeping injury free is a  ambition both on and off the course of any golfer.

Our unique system guarantees to:

  • Increase your flexibility allowing you to swing the club freer than ever before
  • Strengthen core muscles adding distance to your shots
  • Eliminate joint and muscle pain
  • Cure low back pain forever
  • Raise your fitness to keep you going well onto the 19th hole!
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What our clients say:

“In January 2011, a few of my friends got together and started Fit Camp with Paul. I had just joined a gym, so I decided not to be part of the group. As predicted, I never used the gym, I simply don’t have the will power to exercise on my own. A couple of months later, I cancelled the gym membership and joined the group. This was definitely the right thing to do. For the first time in a long while, I have been exercising regularly and loving it. Paul is very good at keeping us all motivated, and exercising with friends in the fresh air is great. Paul always comes with a carefully thought work out plan for each lesson, using different equipment every week to keep it varied. As a result, I feel more toned and most importantly, fitter. But the best part of it all is that I have fun!”

S. Chalmers, Mother (Putney)